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Hi, I'm Marisa. I am a 24 year old Student, Vegan, Blogger, Shopping Addict but most importantly, in the words of Rupaul, call.....me.......MOTHER.

Welcome to my little Blog! This is my online journal, if you will, where I share all of mine and Bowies days, filled with simple little adventures and a lot of suffering at soft play hell (I did question why I had gone down the route of Motherhood when I found myself wedged in an unreasonably small teacup on a carousel unable to free my Mum Tum from under the steering wheel WHICH DIDN'T EVEN STEER THE TEA CUP. But thats another story for another time.)

After entering the sweet age of 21 with my head down a Harrods, gold plated toilet (and not for the same reason every other 21 year old has their head down a toilet on their birthday) I gave birth to a little potato I named Bowie Prince. Suddenly my life went from being addicted to over priced coffee and shopping beyond my means to.... being addicted to over priced coffee and shopping for a baby beyond my means. I Joke.. Sort of.

I had no idea how to parent then and I have no idea how to parent now either, I'm just winging it and this the story of how and my clumsy journey into motherhood.

To Contact please email Marisajade.fiore@gmail.com

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