Day Out: The Selfie Factory London

I've been desperate to visit a Selfie Factory for so long so when one finally hit London I booked tickets straight away! The Selfie Factory is a huge room filled with small photography set ups to get that perfect Selfie, with so many different photo opportunities dotted around and a full hour to get your desired shots. 

You're probably thinking its a weird place to take a Toddler but the only people there the same time as us were parents with young children! As well as being great photographic backdrops, the set ups were great fun for the kids too. Bowies favorite part was an absolutely gigantic pink ball pit. 

My Favorite set up was the Bath of Balls, although Bowie wasn't too sure about that one! Daddy on the other hand enjoyed his Ball Bath!

Bowie was impressed by the Donut Corner! He loved picking the Donuts off the wall and pretending the eat them whilst sitting back and relaxing in the big inflatable Donut ring. 

Aidan also got involved with the Donut corner of course. 

The most fun Bowie had was with the other Kids we met in the Confetti Room just chasing each other throwing Confetti. They were having such a laugh together, it was like being at a fancy, aesthetically pleasing play date. 

He also had a great time running in and out of the colorful streamers and hiding from us and the other kids in them.

The Pink Elephant was another great set up! Bowie loved sitting on him. 

Another part Bowie had lots of fun in was the American Style Diner, pretending to have a Milkshake and a cheeky Phone Call. 

Is it worth taking a Toddler? I would say so! With so many different set ups to explore Bowie had fun and was non stop for the entire hour, running back and forth, jumping into the ball pit, throwing confetti, playing catch and drawing with chalk. At the same time, whilst the kids are having a blast us adults get gorgeous photos we get to keep forever. 

For an hour it cost us £9.99 for me and Aidan and £4.99 for Bowie, you can get your tickets here. Or if you're a pro and an hour is not enough you can get an unlimited pass for £19.99 and keep going back as many times as you want! I worried an hour wouldn't be long enough but it was more than enough, I had 600 photos and even put my camera away for the last 15 minutes and just had fun with Bowie. 

We chose a Weekday to go because we thought it would be much quieter and less busy so we could take it slow, we booked the 2.40pm- 3:40pm and it was just us and two other families. When we finished there was not one person waiting for the 3:40pm- 4:40pm slot so that must have been empty! we went on a Wednesday afternoon. 

The Selfie Factory is staying in Shepherds Bush Westfield until Thursday, September 12th. 

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