Disney Toddler Room Tour! Bowies VERY YELLOW Disney Bedroom. FENG SHUI Tips!

When we arrived Home from our Holiday in Malta in April I realised just how much my little Potato had grown up and how it was probably time for his Bedroom to grow up too! (Insert sad little whimper here) His Bedroom before was Baby Blue, Peter Rabbit themed and very 'Nursery' and that just wasn't right for him anymore. 

It will come as no shock to any of my friends, family or followers that I was keen to go for a Disney theme as you could say I am a little Disney obsessed to say the least. Bowies big thing that he is into currently as most of you will know is Toy Story or 'YeeHaw' as he likes to call it so I wanted to incorporate as much Toy Story as possible along with Lion King, another family favorite, and of course classic Mickey.  

The Challenge with a Disney theme was for it not to be Tacky or overloaded with hundreds of different colours and characters and I'm happy with what I've created so come and have a look! 

The first change I made was swapping his tiny little Toddler bed out for a small double bed. I know a lot of people probably think a double bed is a bit much for a 2 year old but it works for us and has made our lives so much easier! 

When researching Feng Shui tips for Kids Bedrooms I read how important Bed Placement is and that experts say the perfect spot for a Childs bed is facing the door with the headboard on the far wall, known as the 'commanding position'. According to my research it is the ideal position for a restful sleep as it puts the child in command of their room, being able to see who is coming and going and so thats what I did! 

We were lucky enough to pick the 4 foot divan bed up for free second hand and then swapped out the headboard for this gorgeous plush velvet one I found on Amazon here for £39.95. I was searching for a long time for a simple Disney duvet cover that was preferably Black and White, a double not a single and not overly fussy. My Mum actually spotted this one on the George website here for just £20 which was perfect and whilst on the website I picked up the Lion King fleece blanket for just £7! as well as white bed sheets and a white valance to cover the bed. 

I then hopped onto the Dunelm website to dress the bed further with this gorgeous Teddy Bear Ochre Throw, £10. Two Yellow Velour Cushions, £6 each and an Ochre Faux Fur Cushion Cover, £4.

The star of the show is the beautiful Mickey Mouse Personalised Cushion I designed on the Shop Disney website for £25. The Woody Cushion laying at the bottom of the bed was a brilliant Primark find (picked up in the Westfield, Stratford store) and was £7.

Finally the Gold Mickey shaped Lamp was another amazing Primark find! (the Tottenham Court Road store) for £12 and is battery operated. 

My favorite corner of the room! I was desperate to get Bowie a cute little chair for his room and one that was stable enough for us to sit on too when we're in there reading to him at night. I found this chair on Maisons du Monde which is one of my favorite websites for home decor, it was £76 and it is perfect! Just what I wanted. Of course it had to have a cushion! so I picked this Lion King Simba Cushion up for £8, again off the George website. 

The Mickey wall stickers behind the chair are from an Etsy store called 'Sunshine Stickers 4 U' and you can find them here. I got two colours for £7.34 each (thats per colour by the way, not per sticker)

Above his chair I have put coat pegs, personalised with Bowie's names in the classic Disney font. The hanger was £17.99 and purchased from eBay here. I really wanted some hooks handy for hanging up some of Bowies hundreds of backpacks or one of his hoodies and I just think this fits the style of the room really well!

I loved the idea of Bowie having a space for his Fancy Dress, at first I planned on a clothing rail but then I saw this shelf and realised how much better this option would be space wise. I picked both of Bowies shelves up from the Great Little Trading Co. This Shelf with a built in Clothes Rail was £40 and called 'Tomorrow's Clothes Rail'. Bowie hasn't got much fancy dress yet as we've only just started his collection but this rail is absolutely perfect. His Woody costume, Hat and matching Woody shoes are all from George at Asda and his Toy Story Trainers are from Primark. My Mum is the Manager of a few local Charity Shops and the Buzz inflatable wings and accessories are something she found in store at work.

The Yellow Coat hangers I actually got here off of eBay and they were just £2.96 for a pack of 10!
The Wallpaper on the feature wall is actually the very first thing I purchased and what I based the entire room around! It is called the Mickey Houndstooth Yellow Wallpaper and I got it from the Graham and Brown website for £60 a roll. I just love it!

Above the fancy dress rail are two book shelves I picked up last year in store at Ikea for £5 each. The shelves are actually called 'Mosslanda picture ledges' and you can find them on the website here. The little dip inside the shelf meant for pictures is perfect for keeping kids books standing upright and in place. Bowie has HUNDREDS of Books, he has two huge drawers under his bed filled with Books as well as boxes under our bed filled with books and an Ottoman in the Living Room filled with Books! It is ridiculous the amount of books he has, the ones on the shelf however are the ones aesthetically pleasing enough for display. 

Another Feng Shui tip for Children's Rooms I read was about artwork and hanging art that depicts your Childs interests. As Bowie is loving Toy Story so much at the moment (we watch the films several times a day at the moment, please feel sorry for me) I knew I wanted Toy Story up there and Bowie recognised the prints as being from his favourite film instantly! Pointing at them and saying 'YeeHaw Cowboy'. I added the Lion King ones to match his other Lion King bits and also the Splash Mountain one as thats one of our favorite rides at Disney and of course it matches with the Yellow colour scheme. All 5 of the prints are from Etsy. The Toy Story and Lion King ones are all from an Artist called Adam who's Etsy shop is called 'Adams Art Store 2187' and I purchased the prints as Instant Downloads and then printed them on glossy photo paper, they were all around the £5/£6 mark. The Splash Mountain one was from an Etsy store called 'Ollie Leo Design Co' and was £6.84 and also an Instant Download. 

The frames are old ones I already had at home picked up in store at the Factory Shop, one or two need replacing as they're actually broken which you can probably see in the photo but they're fine for now. 

My second purchase from the Great Little Trading Company were the three tier 'Star Wall Shelves', £65. I wanted some great quality shelves to fill up with little bits and bobs but that also had clothing pegs handy for coats, outfits, backpacks etc. 

My favourite Feng Shui for Children tip was the importance of putting up photos of loved ones. Experts say that framed photos that represent a special moment with loved ones will be both comforting and supportive for the Child and that framed photos of Family in the room provides a calming energy. Both our Disney frames were also finds at my Mums charity shop unbelievably! and I filled them both with photos of us all at Disneyland Paris. The first photo is one of Myself, Bowie and his Daddy meeting Goofy at Disney Studios which is a rare photo of the three of us together and the second one is a photo of Myself, Bowie, his Daddy, Auntie and Great Grandad meeting the Genie! 

The Disney character figures belonged to my Great Grandma and have been passed down through Family, the Jessie cup was another charity shop find and the Mickey Mug and Yellow Plant were both from Primark. The Artificial Plant was £1.50 and I think the mug was around the £12 mark. 

And finally we have the most boring part of the room, storage! Bowies room is a good size but its not huge and putting in a Wardrobe would have sacrificed a lot of space. Luckily enough our Living Room is extremely big with more than enough room to host all of his big Toys! Bowies bed also has huge built in drawers which all of his shoes, coats, bags, books and other bits live. 

Before re decorating he had a kids chest of drawers but I didn't like them at all and so when I found this cubed shelving unit that came with yellow fabric boxes I thought it was just what we needed. Although I could fit all of Bowies clothes in the drawers under his bed, I wanted something else so I could go through the clothes easier and grab them or put them away a lot quicker. The 3 Tier Cube Storage Unit was £16.95 from Hartleys Direct and comfortably fits Pjs in top, Tops in middle and Bottoms at the Bottom!

And thats it! (so far). The Room needs a Rug but I'm holding out for the perfect Toy Story one thats due to come into Next soon and I'm on the look out for more bits and bobs for the shelves but I'm pretty sure thats about it! I'm extremely happy with the way my vision has turned out and so is Bowie. 

Ending on a money making note! our favorite note of all... I made so much Cashback decorating Bowies Bedroom using Top Cashback, which you're probably so bored of me talking about but I am an addict! I always try and purchase everything from websites that offer cashback and ended up making back £6.30 on the Wallpaper! which is amazing cashback as well as 54p from the Dunelm bits, £1.75 from the chair, £3.86 on the shelves, £1.03 on the cube storage, £1.57 on the shop Disney cushion and loads more on all of the George, eBay and Etsy bits too! It may not seem like much, but it does keep adding up and I ended up making over £50 cash back that month which I've put into a £60 M+S Gift card today so its definitely worth signing up! Sign up here (this is not an ad or sponsored by the way)

Thank You for reading as always, especially if you made it this far! love Marisa and Bowie x


So we have a couple of updates to the Bedroom! 

First up are these gorgeous little Toy Story inspired Pizza Planet Stickers! Both are from Red Bubble (We love a good Red Bubble haul) and is the simple Rocket Ship Logo which I got in a size Medium for £5.10 and stuck on the side of his shelving unit. The second one is a little bit fancier, well as fancy as stickers can be! It is the Delivery Shuttle Logo and I got it in a size Large for £13.84 and stuck it on his fancy dress shelf. Both stickers are super easy to peel off, I peeled them off at least 1000 times trying to get them right so they won't be spoiling any furniture and can come off easily when needed. 

We also have a new shelf addition! This Candle was actually one of the first things I ordered for the room but it took an extremely long time to come as its all handmade. Its a Maple and Whisky Candle which I've always wanted! They're a small shop that makes Disney Parks inspired Candles and Room Sprays. This one is the Mickey Waffles inspired one and smells just like Buttery Belgium Waffles, it was £8.95. The cute little Toy Story Woody Photo Frame was £3 from Dunelm and I think I like it without a photo in it as I think it looks cool with Woody in it! let me know what you think. 

Finally we have some classic 'I couldn't resist bits'. They're not Yellow, they absolutely don't match but I had to have them! (I mean Bowie had to have them) they've actually both been living in the Lounge since we got them anyway but they're the Pizza Planet Alien Cushion and Toy Storage Tub both from Dunelm. The Tub was £12 and is surprisingly spacious and fits all his new Toy Story Toys in perfectly, the cushion was £8 and I'm going to be honest.. I only got the cushion because the Woody Photo Frame was an add on and you had to order £20 worth of bits to be able to buy this Frame and thats how badly I wanted the Frame, I added an £8 cushion on to push my total so I could have Woody's face on the shelf. No regrets. 

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