HOME DECOR: Bowies Bedroom Tour 2019, Age 2

Every time I ask Instagram what you want to see on my blog (and then ignore you and post nothing) I get asked about Bowies Room, and the thought of actually tidying it to a level of blog worthy tidiness hurts me deep within my soul. 

I actually once tidied it to absolute perfection, walked into the kitchen to grab my camera, came back into the room and Bowie had whipped his nappy off and done a poo on the floor.

I'm also not totally happy with his bedroom, I think about changing it at least 8 times a day but its so hard with a Boy I think as everything in the shops have Tractors on it, why? why does everything have Tractors on it? or Dinosaurs? and everything is Green! is it not?

I went for a Minty/ Aqua Green kind of feel throughout the room as Its just my favourite colour for all things Bowie. For Books I know a lot of people buy the Ikea spice racks and paint them, and they do look cute, but I'm totally lazy and wasn't about to paint anything so I picked up these instead, they're still from Ikea (£5 each in the sale) and have the little raised part at the front to stop the books falling off (doesn't stop your toddler ripping them off and throwing them). 

I searched for months and months for a Mint Green 'Read' sign for above the shelves, I finally found Little Cloud who made one for me. I did cry a little at the price and then before I even got it up Bowie un did the whole thing so I had to send it back and get it re shaped, which I also had to pay for,  and then it lasted 5 months before he did it again so I just threw it in the bin. If you do get one, put it up high and make sure you don't put drawers right next to it that your toddler can easily climb on. 

I wanted a canopy for Bowies room but I just wasn't prepared to pay over £100 for it from an Instagram boutique so I got this one off of Amazon for £16.59 because I'm a massive cheapskate and I knew Bowie would get some sort of food on it (he did, instantly)

Bowies Ball Pit is from The Playtime Company, I got it in the Sale and so it only cost £90.25 instead of over £100, I just loved the colour! His car is from My First Years.  Both the Playmat and Knot Cushion are from Aliexpress (Anyone that knows me knows I love a good Aliexpress bargain) The cushion was £8.26 and the Playmat which is padded with foam was £16.51. 

His Kitchen is also My 1st Years (god knows where the sink has gone). 

His Clothes Rail is another cheeky Amazon purchase and cost £32, shock horror the hangers are also Amazon and were £10 per pack, I got two packs, maybe three? but they keep disappearing along with all of our socks and cutlery. The weird pom pom things were an aliexpress impulse purchase that I definitely didn't need or really have a place for but they were only £3. The B I picked up in Matalan 10000 years ago and the Heart was a gift when Bowie was born but was from Next, I think they do them every year. 

This shelf was £8.89 from, you guessed it, Amazon

I HATE the frames for these and I will get around to changing them, one day.. I probably won't actually, they'll probably sit there and be hated until I decide to bin the lot. The Prints are from Lovely Little Prints and I actually won them in a raffle and didn't put them up for over a year, so thats how you know the frames won't get done. 

His Bed was over £70 from Argos but literally started falling apart instantly so don't think I would recommend, his Quilt cover is from Amazon  and the Blanket I picked up in good old B+M when Bowie was just a newborn potato. 

Some other little details include this gorgeous Hanger by Bethany Grace Designs

His Theatre/ Market purchased from Aldi in the pre Christmas Toy Event

His Rocking Chair from My 1st years

His Scoop and Learn Ice Cream Cart (we love this!) from Argos

His Dream Big Sign, from Aliexpress costing just £2.14! and the Bunnies are also Aliexpress of course, £2.17 for two. 

And Finally His Wall Stickers! (David Bowie inspired of course) from Happy Decs

So that concludes Bowies room tour! I'll probably change it all in a minute so stay tuned for part two. 

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