DAYS OUT: Top 5 Things for Toddlers down Southend Seafront

If you're planning a day trip, a weekend or even to live in our good old Seaside town of Southend on Sea, these are a few of our favorite things to do with an energetic toddler!

1- Sealife Adventure 

Sealife Adventure may be small, but what it lacks in size it makes up for with things to see (and the amazing staff, you won't get staff like it anywhere else) Not only do they have your classic fishy friends, your sharks and whatnot (the shark tunnel is my personal fave) they now have all sorts like penguins, meerkats, monkeys! scary giant turtle things, otters and lots of other random things that definitely have no relation to the sea. Rumor has it they're getting butterflies soon and that it has NOTHING to do with the recent closure of Tropical Wings. 

There are tonnes of exhibitions, constant talks with talk hosts, opportunities to watch the animals being fed and even touch a crab or two. They have fun new chalk boards that we (I) spent more time than I'd like to admit drawing on (we all came home covered in chalk) and the Coffee is much better than Adventure Islands coffee (but you didn't hear that from me). Its open all year round too and is mainly indoors so the perfect place for a rainy day. 

2- Adventure Island 

Anyone that follows us on Instagram will know that we might as well live at Adventure Island during the Summer when its open everyday. Bowie has an Annual Pass and as he's so little we get to ride free with him (one of us at a time) which makes it a very cheap day out (would be free but I take full advantage of my 20% off Coffee and Chips n Dips) I get asked about Adventure Island and if its worth it for Toddlers so much so I have promised my Instagram followers that I will be doing a full post dedicated to it.

Bowie is OBSESSED with Adventure Island, every time we drive down the seafront or he even gets a glimpse of a ride in the distance he points and says 'pleeeeaaaasseeee' (its a nightmare). There are loads of rides and things for him to do and places for us to eat and we're just so lucky to have this on our doorstep to keep Bowie entertained and QUIET. Fun Fact, its also where me and Aidan met so Bowie is technically a product of Adventure Island. 

Adventure Island is also the reason I struggle with Slimming World in the Summer, 20% off DONUTS. 

3- Adventure Inside 

I Know you're probably thinking, Adventure Inside is Adventure Island and therefor doesn't deserve its own number BUT Adventure Island is only open Weekends and Holidays whereas Adventure Inside is open pretty much every day, all year round (and I'm already running low on ideas). You can actually make a full day out of Adventure Inside if you have the patience and can put up with the constant screams of children for more than a few hours before wanting to throw yourself off the Pier, Especially with Play Stack (the massive soft play) which is Bowies absolute favourite (and my absolute LEAST FAVOURITE) 

Whilst Bowie spends hours in the Soft Play and Aidan runs after him, crying and begging for help, I get my well deserved Mummy break sat back with my Coffee (that 20% off really comes in handy) looking out onto the seafront arches with a nice cool breeze blowing through my hair (unless its winter and I'm actually on coffee number 4 watching the rain pelt down on the windows thinking, I'm not leaving here). As well as the soft play Bowie can go on the Carousel and Doom Buggy ride and theres also two rooms of arcade games, little pay as you go arcade rides and a Milkshake Bar which is not good for my ongoing Diet. 

4- The Beach

The Beach is a pretty obvious one but when you live in a Seaside town and see it and go past it every single day, its easy to just forget about it. 

My Mum always says that she couldn't not live by the Sea and its definitely easy to take for granted that we have this at the end of the road. One of our favorite things to do is just grab a bucket and spade, chill on the beach and watch the world go by with an Ice Cream (or 8). Bowie loves just making a run for the Sea and making an all round mess so we do tend to come home soaked. 

Can I just take this moment to apologize for Aidans socks and shorts situation? Its not great is it?

5- The Arcades

I don't have as many Photos as I'd like of the Arcades as they get really funny about you taking photos in there for some reason (I've had more than one argument with staff members about taking photos of my own Son on a ride with no other Children on)

We have been known to spend a small, regretful fortune at the Arcades collecting tickets to win Bowie toys (mainly Aidan who has an obsession with the Piano game and will change up £20 notes behind my back), we once spent an embarrassing amount of money and hours collecting tickets for a toy train with balls in it that Bowie (we) wanted. All year round we chuck all of our change into a jar and then bag it up for a day at the Arcades and come back with many items of pure junk that actually cost us ridiculous amounts of money like Coca Cola key chains or scented rubbers? 

And whats outside the Arcades? The Fountains! theres nothing funnier than a Toddler in the Fountains. 

So those are a few of our favourite things to do down Southend Seafront! I could go on and on but I'm bored, you're bored, we're all a bit bored! So I'm going to do a part 2 soon. 

Let us know what you like to do in Southend in the comments! 

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