Top Cashback: How To Get Free Stuff!

by - October 08, 2018

So Most people that follow me on Instagram will know I'm an avid Top Cashback user! If I can get Free money somehow then I'm there.

 I've saved money and made hundreds back (only half heartedly using it, even I forget sometimes!) and I have been able to buy lovely things for Bowie and our Home that I otherwise wouldn't be able to afford to just splash out on. 

I've been surprised whilst talking about it on social media at how many people don't know much about it, or worse don't trust it (insert face palm emoji) Top Cashback is NOT a Scam and I don't know where that random rumor came from, its also the easiest thing in the world to use. All you have to do is shop online just as you normally would and you get cash back. 

Just before I start, I am not working with Top Cashback in any way, I literally am just a fan and want to show others how to make some extra dollar honey. I've also been promising a lot of you on Instagram I'll teach you how to use it for months now, sorry guys! 

So above is the amount of money I've earned in the last couple of months and I know a lot of you do a hell of a lot more online shopping than me! I have £80.66 in my account that I haven't withdrawn yet and I've already withdrawn £364.10. Not a bad amount of money for a couple of months of doing absolutely nothing (mainly eating takeaway, Just Eat is my biggest payout, sigh)

Just to give you an idea of my last few purchases, I bet you can see where my diet began. People seem to give up really quickly when they see that some of the cashback amounts are only small like 25p for example but if you give up then you'll never see results. Things do add up and although big payouts are not as common, they do come along! trust me

For example booking our Disneyland Paris Holiday through the Top Cashback link alone made me £191.86 Cashback! 

Some of my other larger paying Cashbacks in the past have been from changing providers and taking out my life insurance etc which have all been around £80-£100 cashback payouts each. 

Actually using Top Cashback is easy! Every time I want to do an online shop I log into my Top Cashback account, then either browse the categories at the top to find a shop, or if I know exactly what shop I'm looking for I'll just type it into the search bar. 

If they offer Cashback from that shop it will come up immediately along with similar ones, if they don't then they will show you options that sell the same/similar things. If I can, I always try to shop from somewhere that offers cash back on Top Cashback. So if theres an item I have in mind, I will search various shops that stock it until I find one that offers Cash Back. 

Once you've clicked on your shop all of your cash back options will come up. Offers change all the time but there are always great deals on. Each time Cath Kidston releases a Disney range I go a little cash back happy! To start shopping just click 'Get Cashback Now'

The Website will then automatically open in a separate tab as normal. The Top Cashback tab will confirm your visit has been recorded and you can go on and shop as normal on your chosen website. 

After you've done your shopping as usual on the website Top Cashback take care of all the rest!

After your purchase you will receive an email from Top Cashback confirming your purchase has been tracked and soon after it will appear in your account. Another thing people get impatient about is waiting for the money to be confirmed and to clear. It sometimes takes weeks, different shops are faster than others at confirming purchases and paying. I don't mind the wait because I let my cash back build up anyway and withdraw it when its a larger amount. 

An amount once tracked will start at pending...

Then it will be confirmed...

Then finally it will become payable! once its payable and green thats when you can withdraw it. 

Once your money is payable you can chose to either withdraw the amount into your bank account or PayPal OR you can chose to take the money in form of a gift card from one of their options. If you chose a gift card then you often receive extra money.

for example here I have £9.63 available to be paid into my bank or PayPal, But the following shops will offer me a bonus to pick their gift card and therefore I will have even more free money! Woo. This obviously increases the more money you have, for example I've had £80 before and received an £100 gift card so for picking a gift card over cash I got another extra £20.

I usually always chose gift cards for the extra although sometimes I take a cheeky PayPal payment here and there. 

When I moved house in August I took out my Cash back in a £99.26 Debenhams Voucher and a £196.66 Amazon Voucher in order to kit our new place out with some saucy little bits and pieces without spending a penny, I even got my Breakfast Bar with the amazon voucher! Aidan was very disappointed I didn't just pick a £200 Uber Eats voucher for endless McDonalds. 

Over the last couple of weeks I've transferred a bit here and there into my PayPal and onto Amazon gift cards to help with Uni Books etc. 

So, thats pretty much it! I use it before doing my online grocery shopping, before booking train tickets, holidays, theatre tickets, concert tickets. clothes, shoes, bills, pretty much everything! and it all adds up.

to sign up, If you haven't already, click here and you will get a cheeky free £10 after you earn your first £10 because I referred you. 

If you have any questions just drop me a message but I hope this explains most of it! 

Happy Money Making!

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