DISNEYLAND PARIS: My Disneyland Paris 2018 Trip Bucket List

by - March 10, 2018

It is ONE WEEK until our feet reach French soil and we return to the happiest place on earth, or in Bowies case, enter for the first time. 
This will be my 6th Disney trip but my first time as a Mother and I am even more excited (if possible) than I have been for previous trips imagining Bowies little cherub face light up at all the characters, parades, shows and rides. 

Every time I head to the Magic Kingdom I write a little bucket list of things I want to do that are new since my last visit, I maybe haven't gotten around to doing before or that I have loved doing on previous trips and a couple of characters I specifically want to meet. 

- Get First People In front of the Castle Photo- 
If you are extremely dedicated, an early riser and a good runner, you are in with a chance of getting your backside to the castle first when the park opens for Extra Magic Hours and that can result in a pretty magical photo opportunity. If you have been to Disneyland before you will be more than familiar with that painful attempt to get that great pic in front of the castle which actually results in you having 20 chins from the dodgy angle you've used in an attempt to get the castle in without walking back far enough to let 60 strangers walk in front of the camera.
 Recently I have seen some stunning photos of people in front of an empty, tourist free scene and I long to have the same! We have never taken advantage of EMH on previous trips but this is something I would love to do this time around. 

-Get Last People In front of the Castle Photo- 
You've probably seen this photo on Instagram or Pinterest, the happy family's sitting cross legged on the floor in the pitch black with the castle lighting their way. Gorgeous, but exhausting. By the time Illuminations is over and the park is closing you are on the brink of death, your feet are half fallen off and you're dreaming of getting to bed and hitting the hay. Our approach has always been get out first, fast and into bed asap. But this time round I am more than tempted to hang around and wait for everyone to leave to get that all important pic. Not that its very realistic with a one year old in tow and Im certain my family will not feel the same about waiting to leave last, but who knows. 

-Get the 25th Anniversary Autograph Book-
I know theres a new trend going around and people are buying handmade autograph books before they go but as an avid collector of Disney Parks official autograph books since the age of 2 I can't think of anything worse! Theres nothing better than arriving at Disney and going straight into the shop to get your autograph book and over sized pen just like you did when you were a child and having my books to look back on from Paris and Orlando I am so excited for Bowie to have his own to add to the collection. I especially want the 25th Anniversary one as we were there on the 20th Anniversary when we last went 3 years ago (I know, Disney anniversary logic is weird) and it will be a lovely thing to look back on in years to come. 

-Have a Birthday Glowtini at Cafe Fantasia- 
As it is also my 23rd Birthday I will be celebrating and that only means one thing when you're at Disneyland, a Glowtini. For anyone that doesn't know what a Glowtini is its an extremely over priced cocktail with a couple of light up ice cubes in it. For some reason the exact same cocktail costs varied different prices depending on which hotel/bar you buy it in and I am that person that will pay the top price just to drink it in Cafe Fantasia in the Disneyland Hotel just for the experience. W O R T H  I T. (it will be more Instagram worthy in Cafe Fantasia) 

-Meet Darth Vader-
This year we are going for Season of the Force! my family are big Star Wars fans and so it made sense to book for this time of year. We are desperate to meet Darth Vader! Although gutted that he doesn't sign autographs *eye roll* sort it out Disney! Its not the REAL Darth Vader. 

-Get Park Exclusive Pandora-
I am beyond excited that Park Exclusive Pandora has finally made its way from WDW to DLP and that we no longer have to grab an 8 hour flight to get some rare Disney Pandora! As its my Birthday I'll be getting my presents in Paris and I have my eye on a thing or two, or three, or four...

-Get Engraved Lock-
This is something I have wanted to do for SOOO long but have been Single A F on previous trips and so it would have been pretty sad. For anyone that isn't aware the shop inside Sleeping Beauty's castle (where you can get your wands made) engrave Disney padlocks for you and your loved ones to lock your love in forever (I know, puke). On our last trip I was just two months away from meeting my now Fiance and Baby Daddy and so this trip I am ready to finally get that lock. 

-Have a Birthday Cake with the Princesses- 
None of us have ever visited Disneyland Paris on or around a birthday and so despite being originally a bit peeved that my family decided to book the trip on top of my Birthday and completely overshadow it, I am now excited that I get the good old Birthday badge and cake. My Mum has already pre booked my cake and paid for it and my inner 6 year old has chosen to have it at the Princess Lunch we have booked (Because eating an entire birthday cake after a three course meal is a fab idea).

-Win the Family Pirates Silly Face Competition- 
On our trip before last back in 2013 we started a silly tradition, a 'who can pull the ugliest/stupidest face' competition on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Both that year and the year after I won this competition with ease but this year I have my equally as silly fiancé added to the mix and I fear I could be outdone. 

-Eat some 25th Anniversary Snacks- 
Theres nothing I love more than themed snacks and I am more than ready to get sniffing out those 25h Anniversary specials. Especially the popcorn that makes your tongue go blue. Get in ma belly. 

-Get Bowie Meeting Characters Dressed As Them-
This is harder than you would think. You never really know who you're going to meet day to day at Disney and so It can be very difficult to co ordinate your outfits to your character meets! My Disney OCD will be kicking in however and if theres something I don't want its for Bowie to be dressed as Donald meeting Belle and dressed as the Beast meeting Donald. Can you imagine?

-Make Use of EMH- -Meet Princesses at the Princess Pavilion- 
If you are staying in one of the Disneyland hotels then you get the privilege of extra magic hours which is essentially getting to enter the park from 8am when the park doesn't officially open for the public until 10am. Not every ride is open and not all characters are around but for the ones that are you're looking at a hell of a lot less queuing for things in those vital few hours. This is something we have barely taken advantage of in the past because we're just too lazy, Disneyland is very tiring and we have always been more than happy to get up, get ready, eat breakfast and head to the park at our own pace without feeling rushed or on a schedule. The only times we've gotten there for EMH is when we've had early character breakfasts booked. This time its different though, we have a one year old with us and no longer have that luxury of queuing for characters for hours quite happily. The Princess Pavilion is where the lines get super silly and people actually wait for 3/4 hours to meet a lady in a wig. I desperately want to get in there, get the most out of our very expensive photo pass and get those cute princess photos but I am not, I repeat not, waiting for 4 hours to do so and so I think you'll see me running through the park screaming like a loony at 8am heading for the pavilion. 

And there it is, my 2018 bucket list. There are of course other things I am desperate to do but I didn't want to bore you forever and once I've started talking Disney I find it hard to stop!

Whats on your Disneyland Paris bucket list? 

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