DISNEYLAND PARIS: 5 Disneyland Reveal Gifts Under £5

by - January 23, 2018

Some people would say that there is nothing more pointless than setting up a Disney Reveal for a 15 month old and well, I would have to agree! But did that stop me going ahead and doing it anyway? of course not. The whole concept of buying your child presents to announce that you're taking them to Disneyland as if taking them to Disneyland in the first place isn't the worlds best present is just brilliant and I wanted to join in regardless of the fact that Bowie hasn't got a clue what any of this is and when presented with a beautifully made Disneyland ticket, will just try to eat it. 

I have seen Disney Reveals that consist of a pretty card to Disney Reveals that take up entire lounges with gifts and Balloons and although I was tempted to do the latter I am being ever so slightly boring and realistic having just a none the wiser 1 year old to 'surprise' and so I will save the OTT reveals for when he's older! 

For this reason I have put together a little collection of gifts for £5 and under that haven't burnt any holes in any pockets (unlike his Disney wardrobe which has left me pocketless) and that I can put away in his memory box to reflect on when he's older.

I absolutely LOVE this, despite the fact I had to scratch it off myself because when given this Bowie just stuck the coin straight in his mouth and tried choking himself. I think if your children are slightly older than Bowie and actually capable of scratching a scratch card then this is such a lovely, little reveal that is a little more interesting then a card on its own with the added excitement of scratching off the foil. Personally, aged 22 and a Mother, I thoroughly enjoyed scratching this off!

This Scratch Card was made by the lovely Steph at Personalised Frames and More by Steph Mario who has her own group on Facebook. 

What better than a personal invitation to Disneyland from Mickey and Minnie themselves? Its not picked up on the camera very well but behind the writing, very faintly, is a picture of Sleeping Beauty's Castle and along with the Disneyland Paris logo and Mickey and Minnie's signatures I think this is a lovely little letter that Bowie can look back on and compare to future Disneyland invites! How cute is the little Mickey stamp on the envelope too? I found this on White Fox Designs Etsy store

My favorite item has got to be this pretend, but very realistic looking, Disney Railroad train ticket! I had far too much fun on the website picking out the design and writing with so much to chose from but in the end, although so tempted to get Beast and Belle, I had to go for this stunning photo of the castle and the 25th Anniversary colours. 

If you're not traveling to Disneyland by Train like us you can get Plane and Cruise ones too and you can also get Ticket Wallets. This is from www.pretendtickets.com

A little gift from Mickey and Minnie! I could not resist this little wish bracelet for Bowie and got myself one too so we can be twinning! Simple but sweet with a little Castle charm. I just love the 'See you soon in Disneyland'. Cuteness overload!

These are from Hampers Boutique's Etsy Store and come in Pink too. 

I wasn't originally going to get Bowie Ears as there is no hope in hell that he will actually wear them! He won't even wear hats or hoods let alone mouse ears but when I saw these for only £5 I just couldn't not, what a bargain. If anything they will make some great photos, with or without Bowies head! These again were made by Steph at Personalised Frames and More by Steph Mario

So there you have it, 5 Reveal gifts all under £5 each! Just call me the queen of Disney bargains..

Have you done a Disneyland or a Holiday Reveal before? Let me know in the comments!

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