How to Create a Peter Rabbit Themed Birthday Party: Bowies First Birthday

My Earliest memories reading as a child are being given the Peter Rabbit collection and falling in love with them, thats why when I was pregnant with Bowie the same year as Beatrix Potters 150th Birthday and all of the shops were filled with Peter Rabbit this, Jemima Puddleduck that, I went a little OTT to say the least. 
I must admit I've gone a tad Peter Rabbit mad ever since and I think Bowie has Peter Rabbits coming out of his ears nowadays , in fact I'm surprised his Poo doesn't come out in perfectly formed Peter Rabbits. 

Peter Rabbit was an obvious choice for his Party and I don't suppose anyone was shocked by my theming, I haven't exactly been subtle with my Peter Rabbit obsession. (If I had £1 for every time I say Peter Rabbit in this blog post I'm sure I could travel the world).

Anyway, heres how I created the Perfect Peter Rabbit Party!

It was hard to get photos that justified just how effective and brilliant my Whirling in Wonderland, Garland Backdrop looked. It was the 15 Twirl one in light blue and white but as the party was at home and we didn't want to put hooks up we had to hang it from the curtail rail which meant the sun made it hard to get good pics. I can't tell you how many of the guests commented on how amazing it was. 

Bowies cake was made by mum Mum using various cake toppers, The Glittery one on the very top was custom made and from Handmade by Ruth loved by Jacob, The big Peter on the right hand side was from Lovely Little Prints and the Peter Rabbit edible Butterflies were from Pretty Fun Butterflies.

The white wooden letters I used to spell out Bowie were just a shocking 24p each from Aliexpress, The Vintage Beatrix Potter 'B' and 'P' wooden letters were handmade at Whimsical Wishes, Both Chalkboards were from Pretty Little Maison,  The glittery 'Bowie' Peter Rabbit cake topper was from Handmade by Ruth loved by Jacob and the 'Bowie is One' Cake Topper was from Lucy Rose Party

The Grass table runner was from eBay

I had so many cupcake toppers it was ridiculous so I ended up shoving some in the croissants and pain au chocolates! The glittery baby blue 'one' cupcake toppers were from Lucy Rose Party and the custom made 'Bowie' Peter Rabbit ones were made by Elaine Rocha Craft and Design

The sandwiches were cut with a Peter Rabbit shaped cookie cutter from eBay

Also on the table was this cute little social media hashtag sign from Made by Ruth loved by Jacob.

The Cupcakes were also made by my Mum using little Peter toppers from Paperchase and edible Peter Rabbit pictures from eBay which she made edible ornate frames for. 

The Table confetti is a mixture of Bowies name from Bear Cub and Co and shaped cutouts of vintage Peter Rabbit books from Paper Heart Creation

I couldn't decide on a design for the paper plates and napkins so I got them all, they are all available from the Beatrix Potter Shop. I picked up loads of plastic plant pots from pound land which were £1 for 5 and used them for various things such as holding the cutlery and holding up the chalkboards. 

The cutlery and all of the lace tablecloths are from the Factory Shop. 

I decorated a shabby chic cake stand I already owned with handmade vintage Peter Rabbit tags from Whimsical Wishes,  I also hung a Carrot garland along the edge of the Table from Handmade by TCH, using Peter Rabbit Pegs from Paperchase to hand photos from Bowies Cake Smash. 

These Beautiful Hand drawn pictures of Bowie are from Dolly Doodles and the faux greenery draped over the frames is from Aliexpress costing a whopping 34p.

I transformed an old drinks serving trolley into a sweet trolley, using carrot sweet bags from eBay filled with carrot shaped sweets from a sweet wholesalers and rabbit sweet bags from aliexpress filled with pick and mix sweets in green and orange colors from Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe

The empty Peter Rabbit gift bags were from Paperchase and every single sweet bag had custom Peter rabbit stickers from lovely little prints and eBay.

Bowies Blue Marble Biscuits saying 'Some Bunny Turns One' and 'Bowie Prince Turns One' were made and gift wrapped individually by Beaus Little Bakery

These Kit Kat wrappers were made by Elaine Rocha Craft and Design

The Chocolate, Peter Rabbit Lollies were made and gift wrapped by MK Chocolate and were amazing. 

This Sweet Buffet sign was made my Handmade by Ruth loved by Jacob and the ombre flower petals were from Aliexpress

The majority of my ballots from the foil 'One' Balloon to the Confetti balloons and the personalized Peter Rabbit balloons were all from Handmade by Ruth Loved by Jacob

The '12 Months of' kit was from Lucy Rose Party which I hung across a photo frame from Ikea, using polaroid photos of Bowie.

I also had these amazing Balloons made by Bubberlula Bubbles and the personalised Peter Rabbit Bunting hanging beside it is from This Pretty Room

Instead of Party Bags I opted for personalised Peter Rabbit, Party Boxes from eBay with Lovely Little Prints stickers. Inside the boxes were Peter Rabbit activity packs and coloring with crayons which I got ready made from eBay. There was also a choice of Millies Cookies which I gift wrapped myself using polka dot cookie bags from Aliexpress and Peter Rabbit stickers from eBay. When I handed out the Party Boxes at the end of the party I also took the children back round to the sweet trolley and filled the boxes up with all of the chocolate and sweeties too.

I made up a Memory table which I decorated with Light up letters that I got in a local party shop, a Peter Rabbit snow globe I pieked up from TK Maxxx at Easter, a Peter Rabbit Box from Paperchase and petals and flower heads from Aliexpress. I got a wooden 1 with a pen for guests to sign, also from a local shop as well as a custom wooden bunny drop frame with little wooden hearts for guests to sign that was made by Laser Craft Shapes. The Ceramic Tile was painted by my Mum and the Wooden bunting was from Hello Pretty Frames. My favorite part of the table however was the personalised Peter Rabbit Timecapsule kit made by Pretty Little Prints.

I decorated the Bar with a custom made balloon banner from Bear Cub and Co as well as photos from Bowies cake smash shoot. At the bottom I hung personalised Peter Rabbit bunting from Elaine Rocha Craft and Design

I Picked up the glittery 1 centre piece from Party Pieces and framed this Birthday Print made by Lovely Little Prints

I actually found these Garden crates in Poundland, filled them with green tissue paper from the Factory Shop and used them to hold drinks. The Peter Rabbit Jar was hand painted and from Vintage Pearls as were the wooden spoons inside and the vintage Peter Rabbit pin wheel was from Whimsical Wishes

I picked up these Jar Glasses in the Range and customised them myself using Peter Rabbit stickers I found on eBay and straw toppers from Elaine Rocha Craft and Design

The Bottle Labels were also from Elaine Rocha Craft and Design

I got the Peter Rabbit Cups from the Beatrix Potter Shop and the Peter Rabbit straws from Paperchase

I found this Chalkboard in the Wedding section of the range and customised it myself with glitter letter stickers and a Peter Rabbit sticker.

The photoshoot props were a mixture of Easter props from eBay and first birthday props from aliexpress

I had this Instagram Frame handmade by Branded Design and it was extremely popular with guests. 

I got the One PiƱata from Party Pieces and filled it with baby friendly chocolate and treats, the head in the whole board was handmade and painted by my Mum.

I also found this Pin the tail on the rabbit easter game on eBay. 

To keep the kids entertained I hired a Ball pit as well as Farm themed soft play from Rock it Inflatables

I also hired a Peter Rabbit Mascot costume from Event Mascots and Aidan took one for the team and transformed into Peter.

Other little details I had around the house included rabbit paw prints from eBay, Personalised Peter Rabbit arrows from Cush n Craft, Peter Rabbit Balloons from Vintage Angel Design and Photo Peter Rabbit banners from eBay

I had the BEST time planning Bowies first birthday party and I cannot wait to get started on his Second this coming September, although it won't be anywhere near as big this time!

What Party are you planning?