DAYS OUT: Harrods Christmas Grotto and Winter Wonderland 2017

Every year we visit Harrods Christmas Grotto and this year we were lucky enough to book after the mad 20 second sell out! (honestly, I had six heart attacks and an asthma attack in that 20 seconds and my heart is still thumping months later) The only slight downside was our appointment was the first of the day at 10am and so we had to leave home at 7:30. The upside was that Harrods was pretty empty and so we got a hell of a lot of shopping done without any pushing, shoving or going temporarily missing after being swallowed into a crowd of tourists and I can safely say by arms are still aching from carrying all those bags of pointless purchases that I definitely didn't need and shouldn't have bought. 

I didn't take that many photos unfortunately as I was hanging out with the elves and getting involved but what a massive upgrade from last years Harrods Grotto!

As we arrived we entered a little area with a shop and mini golf for the kids to play! elves were walking around making the children balloon Reindeers which Bowie destroyed instantly and turned into a Snake.

We then entered 'Elf School' where the children's names were already up on a black board (I forgot to take a photo, duh) and we all sat on bean bags on the floor by a huge Christmas Tree and watched a mini interactive show with two elves who graduated us. 

We were all given chocolate coins and the children were given badges and then we finally got to meet Father Christmas.

Unlike the mess of the Santa we met the day before this Father Christmas was AMAZING, we got loads of great photos and then Bowie was given his gift bag with a little Harrods Teddy inside!

The gift bag was gorgeous! much better than last years drawstring bag that I instantly lost.

Following our Grotto Visit we had a late Breakfast at Cafe Concerto (my favorite) before heading back to Harrods for an insane amount of shopping.

After Harrods we walked over to Winter Wonderland, another yearly Christmas tradition. This time though I decided to book Bar Ice because I've always wanted to go to the Ice Bar in London and have just never have so we got our Ponchos on and did it! 

First of all they were playing Prince as we entered so a big thumbs up from me. I don't know if the Ponchos and gloves they gave us were just super thermal but it didn't feel too cold at all, it felt colder outside! I had the Polar Colada Cocktail, then another, then another...  they were just so good! drinking out of a cup made of pure ice was more difficult than expected and I did find myself just wanting to eat the cup afterwards.

I nearly tried the Peanut Butter vodka but then I chickened out, maybe next time when were baby free. 

After Bar Ice we had a go on some of the games, I won obviously and chose a Reindeer/Bambi type thing for Bowie.

After many hot chocolates (galaxy hot chocolate was the best, oh my god) we were knackered and ready for home! Hopefully we can return to Winter Wonderland again this year before it goes as I would love to do the big wheel!

As a Christmas treat we picked up an extra little gift in Harrods for one of my followers so later today I will be announcing a Christmas giveaway! You don't have to do anything to enter apart from follow this blog, so keep your eye out and give us a follow. 


  1. looks awesome! our Daughter and Son-in-Law recently took our little grandson to Winter wonderland and then they went to Hamleys

    1. Winter Wonderland is amazing! Haven't been to Hamleys since the Summer, hopefully will return soon

  2. Such an amazing place at Christmas. True magic.

  3. Looks anaximg. Would love to go


  4. Would love to take my son to Harrods next year to Santa. Looks wonderful and photos amazing quality. Winter wonderland is a great day out for the family :-)